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Vocation in a world with ever-changing jobs

This Sunday we will have the pleasure of receiving Brian Foreman, Art Sherwood’s son-in-law, for a stimulating discussion of vocation, or calling.

Mr. Robot has RAM
Mr. Robot has RAM

Both futurists and economists agree that hundreds of thousands of people will be displaced from their current jobs in the decades ahead. They disagree over whether this will create an economic crisis. Economists, by and large, predict that new jobs will become available to replace the ones that become obsolete. In either case, though, the disruption will be large and even if old jobs are replaced by new ones, what many people are doing to make a living will change. In a society that derives a person’s identity in large part from what that person does, what will this mean?

In a specifically Christian context, we have the notion of vocation as something we are called to or prepared for by God. How will this be affected by what lies ahead?

Here is what is posted on the class schedule about Brian’s topic:

For too long the term “calling” has been co-opted to mean those “called” to vocational ministry. What if we understood calling as the call to all Christians to participate in the redemptive act of God in the world? How does that understanding change our approach to vocation, faith and the emerging world around us?

Come join us for a stimulating discussion!

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