History that Doesn’t Suck

Since 2017 Professor Greg Jackson of Utah Valley University has been producing a podcast on American History that is entertaining and highly accurate. I recommend it without reservation.

While you can listen to the first fifteen episodes here, I strongly encourage you to go to https://www.patreon.com/historythatdoesntsuck and support the work that Dr. Jackson is generously providing for free. It takes considerable time, hard work, and expense to produce a podcast of this quality. The team behind this one deserves our support!

Episode 0: Preamble

Episode 1: That One Time When George Washington Sort of Triggered an International War

Episode 2: Patrick Henry and Boston Get Pissed about Taxes

Episode 3: “Clean My Sh*t House!” The Boston Massacre

Episode 4: “Boston Harbor A Tea-Pot This Night:” The Boston Tea Party

Episode 5: “Delenda est Bostonia:” a Congress, Paul Rides, & the First Shot at Lexington

Episode 6: “The Shot Heard Round the World”

Episode 7: An Olive Branch Rejected, Tom’s a Royal Pain(e), & the Siege of Boston

Episode 8: From Independence to NY(meeting A. Ham, Nathan Hale & Charles Lee is a Sneaky Bastard)

Episode 9: (Almost) Everything Important in 1777–Saratoga, Lafayette & George Returns Gen. Howe’s Dog

Episode 10: Dueling, Life Sucks at Valley Forge, von Steuben’s Cool & the Battle of Monmouth

Episode 11: Southern Discomfort: Savannah & Charleston Captured, Slavery, Massacres, & 1779’s Sundries

Episode 12: An American Judas Betrays & Nathanael Greene Saves!

Episode 13: The World Turns Upside Down at Yorktown

Episode 14: Peace in Paris; Turmoil in New York

Episode 15: “We the People:” Constitution Making in Philly

Q&A with The HTDS Team

Epilogue To The Revolution; Or The Big Stuff You Should’ve Caught