American Slavery

Teaching Hard History: American Slavery, from Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Hard History: American Slavery
Image from Teaching Tolerance

If you are a teacher, you will find Teaching Hard History from Teaching Tolerance very useful in addressing the social realities faced by your students. Hosted by Professor Hasan Jeffries, this series has leading scholars and educators present lessons we should have learned in school—but almost certainly did not.

Through this series Teaching Tolerance is urging American educators (teachers, curriculum writers, and policy makers) to “confront the fact that slavery and racial injustice are not only a foundational part of the nation’s past, but a continuing influence on the present.”

I have created a page here, in the History section, introducing the podcast and providing direct access to each episode.

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  1. Thank you for the heads up. I think no one said it better than Condoleza Rice in her book. “Slavery is America’s birth defect, and we have not acknowledged it to this day.

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