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A Time for Silence

The use of labyrinths as an aid to silent reflection has a very long history, even predating Christianity. Evidence for their use in Christian reflection begins very early. They became an inexpensive way to represent the pilgrimage path for those who could not make the journey to Jerusalem, for example.

Here are some pictures of the set up at Binkley this year.

Around the outside of the labyrinth you will find stations that offer suggestions for reflection. The arrangement of the pictures below does not reflect the ordering of the stations as they are set up in the sanctuary.

Earth Care with Lent Banner
Earth Care Station
Intercession Station
Penitence Station
Mary Station
Shalom Station
Thanksgiving and Praise Station

If you have time this week, I invite you to walk the labyrinth as a way of reflecting on your own life and what meaning is to be found in your world at this particular time.

Crosses Over the Labyrinth

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