Teaching Hard History: American Slavery

Teaching Hard History is a podcast from Teaching Tolerance. Hosted by Professor Hasan Kwame Jeffries, this series presents lessons we should have learned in school—but almost certainly did not—through the voices of leading scholars and educators.


A web page for the series is located at Teaching Tolerance.


1. Slavery & the Civil War, Part 1


2. Slavery & the Civil War, Part 2


3. Slavery & the Northern Economy


4. Dealing With Things As They Are: Creating a Classroom Environment


5. In the Footsteps of Others: Process Drama


6. Resistance Means More Than Rebellion


7. Diverse Experience of the Enslaved


8. Film and the History of Slavery


9. (Bonus) Ten More … Film and the History of Slavery


10. Slavery in the Constitution


11. Slavery in the Supreme Court


12. Confronting Hard History at Montpelier