I recommend the following videos as resources for the class Evangelism and Vocation in a Post-Singularity World.

  • Are we approaching robotic consciousness?


  • Alpha Go, Google’s Deep Mind, and Self Learning A.I.

This 14 minute video discusses the advent of self-programming machines (algorithms for computer learning) and the remarkable growth in the ability of a single system to play the ancient Chinese game Go, a game usually thought to involve a high level of intuitive judgment. The video also explores the implications of this kind of computer learning for the development of general AI.


  • Venture Capitalist Albert Wenger on Basic Income and World After Capital (±54 minutes)

In this nearly one hour interview, Nikola Danaylov (Socrates) talks with Albert Wegner about ideas expressed in his book, World After Capital. Wegner envisions a world where universal basic income will be a necessity to preserve stability and the success of future economies.