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An AI Christmas?

…the scales have tipped in favor of online shopping with 51% of the Deloitte 2017 Holiday Retail Survey respondents saying they would be making the bulk of their purchases online this holiday season Why will more than half of this years Christmas shopping happen online? According to Forbes, it’s due to the advances in AI that enable… Continue reading An AI Christmas?

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Assault on Christmas

This morning I read an article by Benjamin Perry from Sojourners magazine. He connected two texts from Matthew’s Gospel in a way that is compelling in light of recent actions toward asylum seekers at our southern border and the coming of Christmas. I highly recommend the article. I also read Leonard Pitts’ article from the… Continue reading Assault on Christmas

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Consider This … Artificial Intelligence

I would like to thank Emily Brewer for recommending a program at the Friday Center coming up on December 4. The event is free and addresses an issue at the heart of our Spring 2018 class. The program is titled “Consider This … Artificial Intelligence”. Here are the details: Date: Tuesday, Dec. 4 | 6:30… Continue reading Consider This … Artificial Intelligence

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Does Technology favor Tyranny?

I just finished reading an article by Yuval Noah Harari at It was adapted from his book,  21 Lessons for the 21st Century, and it raises fascinating questions about where we are headed as technology becomes more and more powerful. While some of what he has to say sounds alarmist, he also raises a number of… Continue reading Does Technology favor Tyranny?

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New College at MIT Supports Application of AI to the Humanities and Sciences

In what seems an almost inevitable step, MIT is opening a new school to prepare students to develop and consider the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in a wide range of fields. In the next few decades we will likely see other universities making similar adjustments to the ever-accelerating pace of the digital innovation. AI has… Continue reading New College at MIT Supports Application of AI to the Humanities and Sciences

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How Good Has AI Become at Translating?

Recent hype on Machine Translation: The Verge – Google’s AI translation system is approaching human-level accuracy Quartz – AI-based translation to soon reach human levels ZDNet – Microsoft researchers match human levels in translating news from Chinese to English There’s been a lot of hype lately about the amazing improvements in machine translation enabled by… Continue reading How Good Has AI Become at Translating?

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Shaping the New Generation of AI Researchers to be Ethical Leaders

“Developing safe and beneficial technology requires more than technical expertise — it requires a well-rounded education and the ability to understand other perspectives” (Tucker Davey). In May of this year (2018), Tucker Davey interviewed Yan Zang, one of the founders of SPARC—the Summer Program in Applied Rationality and Cognition. The interview is published at the Future… Continue reading Shaping the New Generation of AI Researchers to be Ethical Leaders