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NY Times article: “How to Make A.I. That’s Good for People”

Thank you, Paul Lindsay, for sharing this article with me. I am adding it to our Resources page.

  • First, A.I. needs to reflect more of the depth that characterizes our own intelligence.
  • The second goal of human-centered A.I.: enhancing us, not replacing us.
  • The third goal of human-centered A.I.: ensuring that the development of this technology is guided, at each step, by concern for its effect on humans (such as job displacement, bias against underrepresented communities, the tension between A.I.’s appetite for data and the privacy rights).

You can find the article here.

2 thoughts on “NY Times article: “How to Make A.I. That’s Good for People”

  1. I hope everybody has access to this months issue of Smithsonian Magazine – titled “Hacking the Future” It’s all about what we’re working on, including an imagined case in the Supreme Court where an Ai named Alpha 4 is suing to demand its rights as a “person.”
    There are enough questions here for another whole Sunday School Session. Ann Cockrell

    1. Thank you for the notice. I do not have access to Smithsonian Magazine, but it sounds like a wonderful issue.

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